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Photo by David Braverman

Photo by David Braverman

Before Fred and Barney or Gilligan and Skipper, there was Antipholous and Dromio – the original slapstick-comedy duo.  Double the fun with two sets of twins and you have The Comedy of Errors. Mistaken identities, wrongful arrests and mishandled servants abound in Comedy, the Bard’s earliest known play. This family-friendly, 90-minute version of The Comedy of Errors is a great introduction to Shakespeare as well as a new take on a classic comedy.  Patrons are encouraged to bring picnics, blankets and/or chairs to this outdoor production.

Performance Dates and Locations

June 29, 30: Ravenswood Manor Park (4626 N. Manor)

July 6: Hermosa Park (2240 N. Kilbourn)

July 7: Nichols Park (1355 E. 53rd St.)

July 13, 14: Touhy Park (7348 N. Paulina)

July 20: Broncho Billy Playlot (4437 N. Magnolia)

July 21: Peterson Park (5801 N. Pulaski)

July 27, 28: Skinner Park (1331 W. Adams)

August 3, 4: Chase Park (4701 N. Ashland)

All shows start at 5:00 p.m. and are FREE.

Donations are appreciated.


Mary-Kate Arnold – Merchant/Courtezan

Peter Ash – Antipholous of Ephesus

Ted Drury – Antipholous of Syracuse

Kelly Gene – Luciana

Jessica Goforth – Duke Solinus

Sammi Grant – Luce

Don Johnson – Pinch/Officer

Julie Johnson – Adriana

Jim Moore – Aegeon

Jon Rooney – Angelo/Officer

Annette Olszewski – Aemilia/Officer

Serena Pomerantz – Dromio of Syracuse

Julia Rigby – Dromio of Ephesus

Steven Yandell – Balthazar/Merchant/Officer


Author: William Shakespeare

Adapted by: Don Johnson

Director: Renae Stone

Violence Designer: Dave Gonzalez

Costume Design: Liz Hoffman

Scenic Painter/Graphic Design: Lauren Angel-Nichols

Text Coach: Sammi Grant

Properties: Julie Johnson

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